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How to Liven Up Your Road Trip

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Fri, Jul 28, 2017


Amy Ankerson



The Great American Road Trip is something of a cultural icon. You want to go on at least one of these in your lifetime. Don’t think too much about it, just grab a few friends and go!

The idea of being out on the open road with friends should be exciting enough, but we’ve got a few tricks that can make an already good thing even more awesome.

  1. Don’t Make a Rigid Plan

Sure, you can plan 8 hour drives and the city you plan to sleep in every night. But leave it at that, and go with the flow. Your days are bound to become jam-packed with funny episodes as you absorb every aspect of your trip.

  1. Travel Sparsely so that You have Room for Lots of Souvenirs

Make sure you have enough space for all the souvenirs you come across… and there are going to be a lot. Typically, every city you come across will have something unique to give you. You and your friends can play a game where everyone buys the cheesiest souvenirs they can find, and then the person who comes up with the worst gets to keep them all.

  1. Bring Your Favorite CD/Podcast

Ditch the IPod and come with a CD you’re sure you can listen to for two weeks straight. Listen to it all day, every day, without skipping tracks. This sets you up for lots of emotional throwbacks all through your life whenever any of those pops up around you.

If you don’t share the same tastes in music with your friends, there are lots of podcasts that serve comic, edifying and inspirational videos that will help entertain the group in between towns.

  1. Set Up Pranks

What’s a road trip without pranks? There are lots of naughty deeds travelers can cook up to lighten the mood. One of the all-time favorites is the Fake Parking Ticket Prank. You can find parking ticket templates online… find one for a region you are sure to pass through, and slip it in between the wipers and the screen when you can and practice your poker face afterwards.

  1. Take Pictures

Create memories for later. There are apps, like Postagram, which turn your highway snaps into real-life postcards. You could also upload a visual chronicle of your journey online and have your Instagram followers see all the stops you’re making. This is a great way to tease those who turned down the chance to take the road with you.

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